AccuV is a software platform that seamlessly integrates desktop-to-mobile tracking and management of technology deployments. With this intelligent platform, users get a fully-integrated solution for organizing and managing projects, site scopes, supplies, deliverables, crew planning, closeouts, and invoicing. Users have access to a confidential portal that gives them a real-time view of their projects from beginning to end. We developed AccuV platform in 2014 after we saw a opportunity to eliminate multiple touch points in telecom industry’s technology deployment projects. It has since grown into a leading technology deployment platform that has been adopted by various industries, increasing job efficiency and accountability.


Key features include


Project Management

Centralized schedule and site information repository. End-to-End schedule tracking, central project milestone repository for baseline, forecast and actual dates.


Scope Management

Scopes synchronized with deliverables and supply chain ERP. Create quotes/bids/work order, easily fine tune during site walks. Assign services and materials to vendors.

Work Order Management

Simple distribution of assignments. Automate reoccurring tasks. Eliminate paperwork. Comprehensive view of all work needed to be performed.


Field Service Management

Seamless tracking of candidates and search rings. Street level views. Overlay GIS map layers for jurisdictional analysis. Application and form generation engine.

Advanced Analytics

Interactive and highly visual analytic interface. Correlate data from multiple sources and systems to complete complex KPI calculations. Real-time data tracking and accurate visibility.


Business Benefits