Device Triage


Preemptive issue detection and proactive resolution; Device & IOT-Related Challenges; Revenue loss due to large number of devices that have No Fault Found (NFF); Poor customer experience due to faulty devices; Internet of Things (IoT) devices performance degradation affecting the device and the overall network; Time and resource consuming mean time to root cause isolation; Poor customer service due to low visibility of the care team into root cause analysis (RCA) enabling them to provide customers with a high level of resolution expectation.


Machine learning (ML)-based root cause analysis (RCA) providing insights for actionable path to resolution. Network data driven - not dependent on device-agent data. Domain expertise in network data ingestion and transformation.


Key features include


Recommendation Engine

For next best action (highest return and impact).


Preemptive detection

Of defective device-specific issues.

Proactive resolution

Of device-related issues (handsets, IoT, machine-to-machine (M2M)) to reduce poor customer service perception & experience.


Business Benefits & Costumer benefits


Reduce revenue leakage due to NFF returns

Improve network performance (assurance)

Improve subscriber quality of experience (decrease churn)

Proactive and predictive account maintenance