Service providers and enterprises are embracing the power of AI for solving problems like customer retention, market targeting, network optimization and more. The data they have generated and collected, is an invaluable asset. They are exploring investments into data science and AI-driven decision making. Data ownership, expertise and experimentation is just the beginning of the journey to an AI-driven business. Machine Learning models will need to run at scale and with production-grade resilience. We make this possible by working with our customers to Industrialize AI using our B-Yond INFINITY platform.


Platform Features


Open Platform & Ecosystem Enablement

Our open platform ensures best-of-breed solutions with no vendor lock-ins or dependencies. B-Yond, our Customers, and our Partners can contribute to a growing ecosystem of automation functions.


Continuous ROI & Value Growth

IE Choreography is a novel approach that allows “stacking” of intelligence. Build upon existing and new automations to foster continuously growing value and ROI on automation investments.

Exposing Cross-Domain Data

Single, cloud-native, big data architecture means INFINITY can serve as your cross-domain platform with an expanding intelligence ecosystem virtually eliminating the problem of data silos.


Platform Benefits



Operationalize AI across a service provider’s network

Typical data science efforts result in highly reliable, high-performance data analytics/predictions for select use cases. But this does not define an AI organization. What you really need is repeatable, flexible, accelerated analytics process for diverse, known and unknown use cases. INFINITY platform makes such AI industrialization a reality.



Network Change headaches are yesterday’s news

One constant challenge facing network operators is the relationship between network layer and its operations layer. Automated operations are critical to scale and sustain revenues on networks. But the ever changing network results in the escalation of automation costs. INFINITY’s approach to configurable network modeling and ingestion makes it uniquely suitable for automating network changes in the operations layer.



Accelerate 5G rollout

5G is considered a killer use case for network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN). It is more than that. It will revolutionize the telco industry. But for this to become a reality, operators need to deal with the complexity of network operations. INFINITY embodies this vision. It is designed as a cloud native, agile platform that brings both AI and data governance to 5G networks.



Data lakes – not data swamps

INFINITY can model and store networks and preserve vendor nuances. It is designed to be used by multiple business units, i.e. planning, deployment, fulfillment, assurance, marketing, finance etc. It captures network structure as well as its behavior (past, current, AI-future). With native data governance built into INFINITY, you can prevent your data lake from becoming a ‘data swamp’. Real-time, accurate network state view of physical, logical, and service topologies.