Integrity: Asset & Inventory Reconciliation


Service providers have a critical need for a database of record for all their operational layers and network technologies. Maintaining the accuracy of data in these systems is a major challenge. As networks become more complex as they move towards cloud-native, 5G and Edge how can you bring simplicity to operations?


B-Yond’s INTEGRITY applies artificial intelligence and innovative graph theory to network data for a flexible and highly scalable open source solution. It is capable of integrating with any OSS/BSS platform to improve overall network asset management. Our solution can bring data integrity to multiple OSS/BSS, simultaneously.


Key features include


Automated data ingestion


Fully Life-Cycle-Management

remain in sync with network changes

Cloud-native implementation


Integrate with any and multiple OSS/BSS

Support for bare metal & cloud deployments


Future proof network asset visibility

support for physical, virtual, wireline, wireless, access, transport, and RAN networks.


Business Benefits


Automate Network Maintenancey

Accurate network data provides the ability to automate root cause analysis (RCA) and reduce OpEx on mean time to resolution/repair (MTTR) & truck rolls.