Smart Capex


AI - Powered Return On Investment Optimization; Network Investment Challenges; Dependency on network planning teams to determine Next Best Investments; Misaligned network deployment plans, marketing priorities, customer experience, and ROI; Lack of visibility to network and customer experience capacity metrics and impact of network investments to these metrics; Inconsistencies between live networks and inventory systems impact an operator’s ability to effectively plan network growth and project revenues; Constant network changes, revisions, and updates


Data-driven ability to determine key investment areas and nodes based on Quality of Investment. Impact of investment on ROI (site profitability) and quality/customer experience metrics such as; Application or Video Throughput, VoLTE Call Quality etc. Ability to model “What If…” scenarios such as; impact on capacity due to spectrum carve, migration, technology shutdown, and new feature introduction.


Key features include


Unique Machine Learning (ML)

Model per node based on traffic profile, long-term seasonal, and short-term traffic variations.


Advanced Analytics and Summary

Dashboards indicating capacity adds and optimal solutions.


Representation of capacity adds, key investment areas, and optimal solutions.


Graph theory + Meta data + Capacity

and Customer Experience data.


Business Benefits